7 Micro SaaS Ideas That You Could Build In 2024

Are you ready to join the Micro SaaS revolution and build your own software as a service business? Look no further!

I've compiled a list of seven Micro SaaS ideas that are sure to get your creative juices flowing. These ideas are perfect for software developers looking for a side hustle or a new project to tackle.

But what makes a great Micro SaaS idea? It's simple: it has to offer a clear value proposition to the customer.

Whether it's making them more money, saving them time or money, or providing peace of mind, a good Micro SaaS idea will be obvious to the customer that it's worth the cost.

The point to focus on here is that it is ‘obvious’ to them that the value clearly exceeds the cost of the product.

Finding the right problem, for the right customer and providing the right solution are all key to going from zero to making $1k - $20k+ MRR from a Micro SaaS business idea.

To help you get started, I've selected a variety of niches for these ideas, so you have plenty of options to choose from. But don't feel limited by these ideas - use them as inspiration and put your own spin on them to make them your own.

And remember, these are just raw ideas at this point, so feel free to adapt them to your own needs and wants. Without further ado, here is the list of Micro SaaS ideas that you could build in 2023:

Micro SaaS Idea #1 - Gym Equipment Rental Platform

How's about building a platform that lets home-gym owners rent out their fitness equipment to other members?

This would be a great way for the owners of the gym equipment to make some extra money by renting out their unused equipment, while also helping those who cannot afford to buy new fitness gear get access to it.

The platform would allow users to rent various types of exercise equipment for a certain time period instead of having to purchase it outright. It would be similar to Airbnb or FatLlama, but specifically for fitness equipment so users could rent out their equipment or hire-in somebody else’s whilst they aren't using it.

This could be a great way for people who are interested in getting into shape but don't want to invest in expensive equipment upfront. Plus, it would allow them to try out different types of machines and see which ones they like best before making a purchase.

Features of this Micro SaaS platform could include:

  • Search functionality to find the right equipment for you with Google Maps integration.
  • A calendar feature that shows which users have what equipment available at what times.
  • User ratings and reviews of the gym equipment, to help other users make informed decisions.
  • Payment integration so that renters can easily pay for their rental period.

You could get specific with particular types of gym equipment (weights vs cardio) if you wanted to niche down further.

Micro SaaS Idea #2 - Date Night

Date Night would be a web and mobile app that helps couples plan date nights and discover new activities in their area for their date nights.

For a small subscription fee, the app will suggest the activity for date night that week, it could even book activities on their behalf.

The app could be gamified to have milestones for number of date nights reached, and stats on the most popular date night category they've chosen etc. Ensuring that your date nights remain fun and fresh.

Features of this Micro SaaS idea might include:

  • Suggestions based on availability and the user's location.
  • Filters for budget, type of activity, and distance from the user's location.
  • Ratings and reviews for each activity to help users make informed decisions
  • A calendar feature that shows which dates are available for activities at a glance.
  • A personalized profile that allows you to save your favorite dates and activities.
  • An activity booker feature that makes it easy for couples to plan their date nights.
  • Integration with social media platforms so users can share their date night plans with friends and family.
  • Discounts and offers for date night activities, to help couples save money and get the most out of their date nights.

If you're liking these ideas then you'll want to download my free PDF containing 21 Micro SaaS ideas to inspire you to develop your own Micro SaaS apps.

Micro SaaS Idea #3 - Travel Itinerary Organizer

One of the biggest challenges of travelling is keeping track of all your bookings and documents. It can be difficult to keep everything organized, especially when you're dealing with multiple points of travel. That's where a travel itinerary organizer Micro SaaS app could come in handy.

This website and mobile app would aggregate all your bookings for your upcoming multi-point trip in one place so you have everything together. It would gather all your hotel/accommodation bookings and planes, trains, rental cars, and transfers all in one place.

It would then present your trip in an easy-to-use calendar-based trip manager. Furthermore, it could also store travel documents, such as passports, visas, and immunization records.

The app could offer discounts and deals on activities and attractions in the area you're visiting. This helps you save money on your trip while getting the most out of your holiday.

Features of this Micro SaaS app idea could include:

  • Personalized trip itinerary based on your booking and travel preferences.
  • Selection of activities, attractions, and restaurants in the area you're visiting.
  • Ability to store important travel documents such as passports, visas, and immunization records.
  • A calendar-based interface that makes it easy to see what you have booked and when.
  • Discounts and offers on activities, attractions, and restaurants.

Micro SaaS Idea #4 - Better Slack Plugin For Salesforce

Whilst there is an official "Salesforce for Slack" app, it gets a poor 2.52 stars average review score due to several persistent issues. Take a look at the reviews below:

There is an opportunity to build a solid and reliable plugin that allows you to connect Slack and Salesforce.

With your improved plugin, your users can view important information about their sales leads right in your Slack channel, so they don't have to keep switching between apps to stay up-to-date on the status of your deals.

Features of this Micro SaaS idea could include:

  • Integration with Salesforce so that you can view and manage important information about your sales leads right in Slack.
  • Real-time updates on deals to help you stay up-to-date on the status of your sales pipeline.
  • Slack notifications for critical actions, such as when a deal is won or lost.
  • Groups of sales reps per department, so that all users can see the status of their deals at a glance.

Obviously, there is a risk that the official app could eventually add these features, but until then, your plugin will be the best option for connecting Salesforce and Slack and you can keep innovating to add more useful features and bi-directional integrations to stay relevant.

Micro SaaS Idea #5 - Intercom AI Support Messenger Bot

The Intercom AI Support Messenger Bot would be a first-line support bot that is designed to help users with their inquiries. The bot utilizes artificial intelligence to have genuine conversations with users, helping them to find the information they need quickly and easily.

As more conversations happen, the bot learns more about the app, finds solutions for common questions and can provide more personal and tailored support based on previous conversations. You could even leverage ChatGPT to facilitate this functionality.

This makes it a first-level automation for businesses that receive a large volume of customer inquiries, as the bot can quickly and efficiently identify issues and help users get back on track.

Add statistics and a solid management interface to give the bot a real edge over other support tools, and you have a great combination.

Features of this Micro SaaS idea could include:

  • Artificial intelligence for genuine conversations and fast identification of user issues.
  • A management interface that allows you to see statistics, identify trends and adjust the bot's capabilities over time.
  • Hassle-free integration with existing support tools and system
  • Personalization based on previous conversations and user preferences.

Micro SaaS Idea #6 - BigCommerce Plugin Ideas

Whilst Shopify apps may have been done to death, I believe that there is much more opportunity in the less saturated BigCommerce app store.

In case you've not heard of it, BigCommerce is a cloud-based eCommerce platform that helps businesses of all sizes sell online. Similar to Shopify, BigCommerce allows them to create a professional online store, accept credit cards, and manage their business from anywhere.

Now then, there are over 6,000 Shopify apps in the app store, with over 1.8 million downloads 😱

But what about BigCommerce? With just a few hundred apps available, there is a huge opportunity for businesses big and small to create innovative new Micro SaaS apps that can help eCommerce businesses succeed online.

For example, DelightChat on the Shopify app store allows businesses to have a live chat app, through integrations with WhatsApp, Instagram DMs and Messenger. Whereas on the BigCommerce store there aren't any apps that offer the same functionality available.

With tools like DelightChat already proving successful in Shopify land, why not create your own BigCommerce equivalent app?

Micro SaaS Idea #7 - Accommodation Aggregator

As the travel industry continues to grow, there is a greater need for platforms that help travellers compare and book their accommodation options. With so many popular sites for booking travel accommodation, why not create an aggregator that allows users to compare and book their trips in a single place?

The Accommodation Aggregator Micro SaaS app would allow travellers to easily find the best deals on overnight stays across several popular sites such as Booking.com, AirBnb, Hotels.com and many more.

Features of this Micro SaaS platform could include:

  • A comparison tool to easily see the best deal on each accommodation across multiple providers.
  • Easy booking features such as one-click checkout and confirmation.
  • Personalized recommendations based on travel history and preferences.
  • Tracking and management tools for businesses to manage their listings, bookings, and reviews.
  • Monetise via affiliate links to the various accommodation platforms.

This aggregator platform would be a valuable resource for both leisure and business travellers looking for the best deals on overnight stays. Additionally, the platform could provide information on local attractions and restaurants, helping travellers get the most out of their trip.

If you're liking these ideas then you'll want to download my free PDF containing 21 Micro SaaS ideas to inspire you to develop your own Micro SaaS apps.

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