Hi, my name is Rick Blyth and I'm a software developer, entrepreneur, founder, blogger and father 👋

I quit my (well paid but crappy) 9-5 job a few years back after building and scaling a few bootstrapped Micro SaaS apps.

I was able to resign with confidence knowing I had built a good runway and had a growing, recurring subscription income each month 📈

Eventually, I went on to make over $500,000 from my Micro SaaS apps through the subscription income and cash lump sum I received when I sold and exited.

Now, I'm passionate about helping other software developers get started building their own profitable Micro SaaS apps 🚀

Main Topics I Cover

My main experience is with bootstrapped Micro SaaS and Chrome Extensions, they're what I'm passionate about.

So, you won't find me talking too much about "big" SaaS, because:

1) I don't have much experience in multi-series funding and working venture capitalists.

2) 99% of developers are more interested in starting something that they control, with zero outside funding that they can grow themselves. This is commonly referred to as bootstrapping.

In addition to Micro SaaS, I'll also be covering topics such as Passive Income, Side Hustles, Quit Your Job, Chrome Extensions & Productivity.

The Micro SaaS Handbook

Through my Micro SaaS apps I've been able to:

  • Earn multiple 6 figures in subscription income.
  • Quit my life-sapping 9-5 job.
  • Banish pointless meetings, office politics, chaos & firefighting.
  • Work when I want.
  • Work wherever and in whatever technologies I want.
  • Spend more time with family.
  • Have a better connection with the users of the apps I develop.
  • Have way more financial stability
  • Earn multiple 6 figures when I finally exited and sold my Micro SaaS apps.

I'm now passionate about helping other software developers realize they can leverage their existing skillset to bootstrap their way to a profitable side hustle or even quit the job money.

So, I've started this blog and have written a 12 chapter free eBook called the Micro SaaS Handbook.

You can read it on this site or download the free Micro SaaS eBook PDF to read it wherever and whenever you want.

My content is for you if:

  • You're a software developer / programmer / coder.
  • You're unsure how to get started building your own Micro SaaS apps.
  • You want to build a subscription based bootstrapped app that generates $1k-$20k each month.
  • You think there must be more to life than working your current job for the next X years.
  • Your 9-5 isn't fulfilling and you want a side project/side hustle to work on that excites you.
  • You want to leverage your existing skillset to build passive income rather than always trading your time for money.
  • You can't code but want to build a subscription based business, having realised it's the best business model going

My content is not for you if:

  • You're looking for a get rich quick scheme. Whilst you're able to make great money with Micro SaaS and a
    leveraged return on your time invested, it takes consistent effort to get great results.
  • You want to learn about venture capitalist funded, high risk, high return "big" SaaS making > $100k MRR. I don't have experience in multi-series funding, etc. I'm just a regular guy who was able to quit his crappy but well paid job through Micro SaaS and keen to share my knowledge.
  • You'd rather live in the comfortable world of "not trying, not failing" rather than being ok with micro-failures. I have failed alot. You must get into the mindset of failing forward and tweaking what doesn't work. Embrace it.

Want more Micro SaaS?

Interested in building Micro SaaS apps that compound over time and generate you a growing, recurring income every month?

Come join the group of developers figuring out they're worth so much more than a paycheck!


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My YouTube channel is for software developers interested in building and monetizing Micro SaaS apps, chrome extensions, aswell as passive income, side hustles and how to quit your software development job in a safe and low risk manner.

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