Micro SaaS & Chrome Extension Consulting

Hey, my name is Rick Blyth and I am a bootstrapped Micro SaaS / Chrome Extension founder and I managed to quit my day job and go on to subsequently have a successful multi-six-figure exit from my small software apps.

Are you thinking about starting your own Micro SaaS / Chrome Extension business but don't know where to start? 🀯

Here are some of the topics we can discuss on these coaching calls to remove any roadblocks and give you a clear plan of attack πŸš€

Or maybe you're having too many ideas and you're facing idea overwhelm! I can help you with every step of the Micro SaaS / Chrome Extension journey as I've been there and done it myself.

Main Topics I Cover

We can talk about:

βœ… How you can identify and target micro-niches.

βœ… How to discover problems you can fix with your apps.

βœ… How you can soft-validate your idea(s) as best as possible.

βœ… Best approaches for building an MVP

βœ… Recruiting Beta Testers

βœ… Launching your MVP through organic traffic

βœ… Scaling up your Micro SaaS

βœ… Minimising customer churn

βœ… Increasing customer lifetime value

βœ… Working towards a successful exit

Or anything else Micro SaaS / Chrome Extension related that you like πŸ™‚

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